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Baptism concerns personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ as master and commitment to His family, the Church. To grow as Christians we need to belong to and be an active part of a Christian community.

If you or your children are interested in being baptised then please contact the church office (


As a Church of England church, we are able to offer weddings to any couple with a qualifying connection with our parish or church. If you want to marry at Christ Church, please contact Jeremy, our vicar, using the form below.

If you live within the parish, but are marrying elsewhere, and therefore need your banns to be read by us, please contact the church office ( in plenty of time before your wedding. 

For more details about Church of England weddings please visit


If you would like our vicar, Jeremy, or other Christ Church clergy to conduct a funeral, or you are considering using the Christ Church centre for the service, please first contact a local funeral director. They will make arrangements both with the Christ Church clergy and with our office to book the building.

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