Vision and Values

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At Christ Church, we have a vision statement which expresses what we are aiming to be as followers of Jesus in this place at this time and also core values which tell us how we aim to do things and how we deal with things as they arise.

We acknowledge everything to be possible only in the grace of God, through the death and resurrection of Jesus and by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision:
To be an all-age community, on a shared journey of faith, making the edge the centre.

All-age community
Being a mix of all ages creates a particular type of community which we want to celebrate. In an era of fractured and dysfunctional relationships we want to be distinctive giving light and hope to all we are in contact with.

Shared journey of faith
Christian discipleship never stands still - we are constantly in need of growing and being challenged. This requires faith to keep on going and to keep listening in hard times but we are not alone. We walk the journey of faith together.

Making the edge the centre
To fulfil the call of God on us, the mission he has called us to, we strive to centre our activities around those who are currently 'at the edge' i.e. those who as yet have not met our Lord Jesus Christ, those overlooked by society, those on the edge of life at Christ Church, those who are suffering or in trouble. So we are always looking beyond ourselves to the horizon.

Our Values
These values can all be seen in the early chapters of the Acts of the Apostles especially chapter 6 verses 1-7.

Generosity in all things
It is crucial to us tha we make decisions and live together out of generosity of heart, out of the desire to give and serve. This is not just to do with money, but a self giving which needs to be seen in our actions as well as our words.

Turning crisis into opportunities
The Lord Jesus leads his people through many challenges - it is the way that we grow and mature. So when crises occur we are determind not to become discouraged, disillusioned or sceptical but instead to see them as opportunites to grow in faith and to discover more of the faithfulness of God.

Ministry of the Word
Ultimately the mission of Christ Church is to share the message of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus to bring hope, healing, reconciliation and forgiveness to the broken and lost. It is the Holy Bible that witnesses to all that Jesus has done and all that it means so we always want to be living and working in ways consistant with the Biblical witness.

Individual and corporate prayer
Prayer is fundamental to everything. It is the place in which we meet God face to face, in intimacy, the place where he lets us in on his purposes, the place where we offer him all that is in and on our hearts. Nothing will happen for us unless it is founded on disciplined and ongoing prayer personally and together.

The enabling power of the Holy Spirit
The Lord is sovereign - Jesus is Lord - and that Lordship is made real through the work of the Holy Spirit. At every point, and at every level, we need to acknoweldge this and give him freedom to have his way.

Acts of service
Fundamentally the Christian disciple finds life through self sacrifice and serving others. This is the command of Jesus and also in imitation of Jesus. So our life together should be marked by serving. If our decisions and activities do not cost us anything then we need to be suspicious of them.

Living as people of God
To belong to Jesus means to be adopted into the people of God which has great dignity, authority and calling. It implies all the above and a deep corporate obedience to him who is our Lord and Saviour. To live like this is distinctive and different to being part of other families or networks of communities. We want to make sure that we don't hold back and miss anything that God is giving to us, his special people.